Running Commentary: a study of feelings during exercise

Hi, my name’s Katy. I love running and I’m doing a PhD in psychology at Surrey Uni. This website gives you more details of my first study, called Running Commentary: a study of feelings during exercise. Hopefully the title is informative! The aim is to capture how people are feeling while they are exercising, literally giving a ‘running commentary’. Previous research shows that how people are feeling during exercise is related to their future exercise behaviour. Understanding how people feel and why could therefore help in offering advice to people taking up exercise.

I’m going to describe here what participating in the study actually involves, so that run leaders and others can find out more details if they wish. There are a few other resources on other pages, feel free to explore these. If you would like to see the participant information sheet given to all participants, please click here Running commentary participant info sheet pdf

In case anyone is interested in the research behind the study, here is a short summary on a poster I presented at a recent university conference: Katy Kennedy poster final


The study participants will be members of beginners’ running groups, who will be asked to participate when they first begin exercising, Details of criteria are in the participant information sheet. 8-12 weeks later participants take part again, and then they are followed-up (via online questionnaire) at 6 months to see if they are still exercising. The study consists of a few simple measurements (blood pressure, BMI and waist/hip measures) and some simple questionnaires. Then I ask participants to wear a voice recorder and record every 5 minutes during the session how they are feeling (using a scale I show them at the start) and why they are feeling that way. It’s designed to be easy and hopefully interesting for participants and run leaders alike.

If you are interested in the study, please contact me by email You can also contact me on Twitter @katyleighk, or you can send me a message on Facebook If you choose to contact me via carrier pigeon you might confuse me though. Please get in touch, I would love to pop along and say hello to anyone who might be interested in taking part!


UPDATE: thank you to all the people and groups who have participated so far, it’s been fantastic to meet so many runners of all abilities! I have now finished recruiting, and looking forward to being able to feed back findings to group leaders and other interested parties when the study is complete.

Participants and run leaders: you have been amazing! Thank you so much for helping with the study, I feel privileged to have met you all🙂