Running Commentary: a study of feelings during exercise


This blog gives updates on the results of a study I did in 2014/15 on beginner running groups. Previous research shows that how people are feeling during exercise is related to their future exercise behaviour. Understanding how people feel and why could therefore help in offering advice to people taking up exercise.

In this study, I asked beginner runners how they felt during running (when I could catch them!), and followed participants up 6 months later to see what physical activity they were doing. The aim of the study was to see if how people felt during exercise was related to their future physical activity behaviour (as there’s not much real-life research on this), and also to explore how people felt in the moment to see if there are any ways we can improve this. I tried to capture how participants felt during exercise, literally giving a ‘running commentary’.

In case anyone is interested in the research behind the study, here is a short summary on a poster I presented at a recent university conference: Katy Kennedy poster final



UPDATE: thank you to all the people and groups who participated, it was fantastic to meet so many runners of all abilities, and so many inspirational run group leaders. 

Participants and run leaders: you were amazing! Thank you so much for helping with the study, I feel privileged to have met you all.